Hooray! This has now been released on GitHub: https://github.com/Troglodyne-Internet-Widgets/better-postgres4cP

For now, check out README.md on that page for information or file bugs over on the ‘Issues’ tab. I’ve released the first version “warts and all” just due to it being ready enough for folks to look at.

Hopefully it helps you guys (just like it helped me run PG 10.0 for my calendar server).


  • What OS/Architecture is supported?

CentOS 7 x86_64. No other packages exist and I did no testing otherwise. Once CentOS 8 comes out I’ll add that to the mix.

  • So, what’s this I hear about not being to upgrade past PostgreSQL 10?

Unfortunately, the newer PGs require a greater version of clang than CentOS 7 ships.