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About Troglodyne LLC:

We are Identical Twin Programmers operating out of Houston Texas.

Thomas A. Baugh

George S. Baugh

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What’s in a name?

Troglodyne is a portmanteau of Troglodyte and the -dyne suffix commonly attached to technology companies. It roughly means “Caveman Technology”.

We like the solutions we make for our clients to be as simple as possible. Through our experience in the trenches in corporate America we saw huge amounts of time and money spent unnecessarily complicating software projects.

The reality is that a quick and cheap solution to user problems is usually all that is needed. Sometimes more is warranted, but making simple targeted solutions to specific problems is where you should start in either case.

Practically anything can be built by engineers. What takes true skill is making it simple. Less moving parts means lower total costs and higher reliability.

Write less code, get more done, and be better understood by future engineers and users.

Services we Provide

  • Contract programming & Testing - Rates vary, limited availability.
    • Specializing in PHP, Perl, Javascript/Node, HTML/CSS, Selenium/Webdriver and SQL
    • Experience using Search Engines (“NoSQL”) and Message Queue software (PubSub, etc)

Consulting ($100 for an hour call):

  • QA Consultancy - Need advice or help to build/improve your QA organization? We’ve got you covered:

    • How to hire good engineers
    • How you can orient your QA department to provide maximum value to decisionmakers
    • How to maximize quality at minimum expense
    • Streamlining your testing process
    • Practical knowledge and assistance setting up Testing Management systems and Analytics platforms
    • Specific information as to how to test most forms of technology
  • Dev Consultancy - advice and assistance for your dev/ops organization

    • DBA & Database design Services
    • Search Engine and “NoSQL” expertise
    • General Design Consultancy & Rapid Prototyping
  • Individual Consultancy - Professional Development advice for testers and developers

    • How to adopt a systematic approach to getting promoted and better paid
    • Ways to become more productive than your peers
    • Starting your own software business & Selling product
    • Or just solving the problem of the moment. Most problems are not new and have an off-the shelf solution.
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